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Only Lost 1 Pound This Week. ):

So I only lost 1 pound this week and I know why. I didn’t eat enough the past week! I hardly ate at all! It wasn’t on purpose though, I wasn’t eating in hopes of losing weight, I just didn’t have any money until today and I was scraping by all last week on what little food I had. Basically dry cereal and PB&J. Fortunately I got paid today so I was able to buy some groceries! Hoping eat more to lose more this week.

I also was jogging last week even though I wasn’t eating a lot. Probably not a good idea but oh well. I had some whey protein so I would drink that after the jog.

Side note. I started the Couch to 5K program this week! Excited about it!

teenlust asked:

can you tell me how you lost so much weight?

First thing was first. I thought long and hard about it and finally got it in my head that I was going to lose weight. When anyone asks me how I lost weight I tell them that I got it down mentally first. I’ve always struggled with will power *I still do to an extent* and when I started I told myself everyday *You can do this and you will do this*. That’s the first thing I did, broke down the mental challenge and decided that I could do it. Secondly I joined my fitness pal and I counted every single calorie that I consumed. I ate mindfully and tried to balance my fats, carbs, and protein. I gave up ALL drinks but water. I joined a gym and worked out 1 hour a day, 6 days a week. I did the elliptical for 30 minutes and the treadmill for 30. I live in a hilly region so I also walked outside a lot with my dog. I did trail walking for exercise. I find trail walking is much more fun. That’s basically what I did in a nutshell.

Now though I do things differently. I am more lax about everything. That’s probably not the best option for some but I trust myself to not slip back into old habits. I no longer count calories but I still use my fitness pal to log my weight and chat on the community forums. There is a huge support system and I love it. I still am mindful of what I eat and I try to eat as healthy as I can. I am on a low income because I work part time and am a student so I buy what I can when I can. I still mainly drink only water but there are days where I brew tea and drink that. I also now let myself have soda. I really enjoy soda so I limit myself to 2 a week and that is only on the weekends. I also do NOT drink diet soda. The fake “sugar” in soda is not easily processed by the body whereas real sugar in a regular soda is easily processed. I still drink tons of water. I no longer go to the gym just because my membership expired and I don’t need to be wasting my limited money when I can do at home exercises. I recently just started jogging. Well, jogging/walking. I am 235 pounds so it is still difficult for me to jog. So far the longest I can go consecutively is 4 minutes. I am hoping that adding jogging will help the weight come off faster. Not only that but I need some kind of cardiovascular exercise. In a nutshell that is how I lost weight. To put it simply I counted calories for a while until my eating habits changed to that of what a normal person should be consuming. I drank and still drink lots of water and I exercise. Again, I try to eat as mindfully as possible but we all have our slip ups. I probably have one once ever 3 - 4 weeks where I will consume way more calories than I should. I don’t beat myself up over it because it’s one day and it can be undone with exercise, maybe not easily but it can be done. So to put it as simply as possible, changed my eating habits, water water water, and exercise! Hope this helped some.


I grew up surrounded by people who hated their bodies.

And so I was indirectly taught to hate my body, too. It wasn’t until I graduated high school that I really took it upon myself to rebuild my self-esteem. I stopped trying to change my body and learned to appreciate it the way it is. These are a few of the things I’ve done consistently that really helped me learn to enjoy and love the body I was given.

  •  Get dressed in front of a mirror. Even if you don’t like what you’re seeing, you need to know what your body looks like. Being familiar with yourself is a key part of learning to love your body. I still do this everyday and it has been incredibly helpful.
  • Stop focusing on what your body isn’t and focus on what it is. Try to filter out those thoughts of “My waist isn’t small enough” or “My butt isn’t big enough,” etc. Focus on the good things, like how well proportioned you are or the lovely curve of your calves.
  • Pick one thing that you love about yourself and focus on that. Tell yourself everyday that you love your lips, ears, ankles, that little freckle on your left thumb, whatever. Then add something else to the list. If you run out of things to love, that’s okay. But keep the focus on the parts of your body that make you happy, the parts that you are proud of.
  • Don’t wear clothes you don’t feel comfortable in. This may seem really obvious obvious, but it is so important. We all have those days when certain outfits just don’t look or feel right. Even if you had planned on wearing that outfit on that day for whatever reason, just take a few minutes to change. Leaving the house in something that you’re not comfortable wearing can ruin your entire day. It’s very important to wear clothes that you feel good in.
  • Don’t compare yourself to other people. As easy as it is to compare your body to someone else’s, with the entertainment and fashion industries catapulting their perception of perfection at us from every angle, try to avoid it. No two bodies are the same. People carry weight in different ways. People have different bone structure. You will never look exactly like the models or the celebrities, mostly because a lot of them are airbrushed into oblivion or fabricated from a computer program, but more importantly because your body is so wonderfully different from theirs. And that is something to take pride in. Your body is no one’s but your own; it’s completely unique. And wouldn’t you rather be unique than look just like someone else?
  • Appreciate what your body can do and instead of focusing on how it looks. You can sing, punch, run, swim, eat, read, dance, tackle, bike, and jump because of your body. Your body is a magnificent tool that allows you to do all of your favorite things. Realizing and appreciating that is much easier than appreciating how your body looks, and it’s a great place to start in learning to love your body.

Not all of these things will work all the time. And not all of them will work for all of you. But at least give all of them a chance.

And know that this will take time. It takes patience and dedication. Boosting your self-esteem is not something that will happen within a week or two.

It took me a good two years to be completely comfortable with my body. And I still have bad days. There are still parts of my body that I am unhappy with. I still curl up under a blanket and watch Friends, trying to feel better about myself. But I am so much happier in general with my appearance because of these things. I hope they help someone else, too. 

Post by Kelsey Griffin!

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